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Fiber & yarn lubricants

Our company SHULAMIT G.Y.O INDUSTRIES LTD -AquaGio provides synergetic compositions of the base oil, antistatic compounds, emulsifiers and specific additives to give the most suitable product for the customer’s need.

We offer the following products:

·         GioSentesia which is synergetic lubricants that are being used for specific needs in textile processing for blends of synthetic and natural fibers.  Its high quality, cost efficiency and superior antistatic behavior make this product unique.

·         GioFiberol is another product we offer, with high emulsion stability and activity that providing cohesion, the GioFiberol is the best assistant for yarn producers from natural fibers and their mixtures.

·         GioTredol is highly effective product for all coning,  texturizing and transferring applications.  It is blends of appropriate mineral base oil,  emulgators,  and antistatics with special additives for synthetic,  natural and mixed yarn production.

·         GioTredol T series are anti splashing coning and transferring oils.

·         GioFinisol – it is high efficient spinfinish product, serves the specialty in the field of polypropylene fibers and filaments. GioFinisol reveals very good lubrication properties through filament surface, create great cohesion along fibers and high wetting ability.





Knitting machine lubricants & cleaning agents


Knitting machine lubrication is a sensitive issue since these machines have small pieces and working at a high speed. Thus lubricants that will be used on these machines must be compatible with specific criteria. The right lubricant choice improves machine performance and eliminates problems.


On the other hand, choosing and using the right lubricant is not sufficient, the responsibility of the manufacturer is to provide technical service and also the responsibility of the costumer is to keep their machines and working environment clean.


Creative thinking, committed staff and extremely sound and exceptional resources are the strength on which GioLubritex and GioNedola rely on for further growth.


GT-51 and PT-11 are cleaning agents for textile machineries and other industrial machines.

What we offer is not only the product but also exceptional clean running unmatchable lubricity outstand wear production longer needle life (up to 25% extra) reduced power consumption.

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